Frequently asked questions

General FAQ

When and where is SBCLTR FSTVL?

SBCLTR FSTVL 2020 is taking place at the beautiful Agua De Vid Hotel grounds in Guadalupe Valley, Mexico. Sprawling over 4 days from July 2 - 5.

What time does the festival end?

Full FSTVL schedules will be announced soon.

What does my ticket price cover?

Your ticket price covers your entry to SBCLTR FSTVL inclusive of a pre-party on Thursday, July 2nd. Ticket price also covers your self/car camping fees, and grants you the right to bring your own food & drinks.

What’s the best time to arrive?

For the full experience, we would recommend taking the days around the 4th of July weekend off from work and arriving early on Thursday to get acquainted with the location and the FSTVL grounds. Arriving early gives you the opportunity to be there when you wake up Friday morning and be immersed in the magic from the beginning. Not to mention, attending the pre-party on Thursday night with a very special guest.

Is it safe to drive there?

Yes, it is completely safe to drive there. The drive is super easy and across well-paved roads and highways

How far is it from Los Angeles?

The drive from downtown Los Angeles to the FSTVL grounds is about a 3.5-hour journey.

What is the best way to get there?

We would recommend using the WAZE app - it is the most correct route to the festival grounds. We will upload a detailed directions tab in the coming days. Check back soon.

Can I take a shuttle from the border to the FSTVL location?

Yes. You may drive your car to a location that we will communicate soon, you will then cross the border on foot and we will have buses waiting to take you to the FSTVL grounds. Shuttle details are forthcoming, we will make an announcement about them. Shuttles will require the purchase of a shuttle pass. The passes will not be expensive.

What route should I take?

Check back for the updated directions tab coming soon.

What do I need to cross the border?

To each attendee, this is a unique case. Please make sure you have your respective legal documentation (passport or green card) to safely cross and return.

Is it difficult crossing the border?

You may think it's difficult or annoying, but it's actually super easy. Matter of fact, you just drive-thru. Returning to the United States is also easy, it just takes a little longer due to document verification.

If I am flying what airport should I use?

If you are traveling in for the event, the easiest airport would be to land in Tijuana International (TIJ). From there it is a short 1-hour drive to the FSTVL grounds. If you prefer to take one of our shuttles to the venue, landing in San Diego will be better for you. From there you can take an Uber to the pedestrian border cross and board one of our shuttles after you cross the border.

If I am traveling from a non-international airport, where should I land?

If your local airport is not an international airport, you have the option of landing in San Diego. From there you can take a car or train to the border and board one of our shuttles to be safely escorted to the FSTVL location.

How far is the venue from the border?

From the border to the FSTVL grounds is about a 1-hour drive.

How does the check-in process work?

You will receive your FSTVL wristbands upon arrival at the location. More info about the check-in process is coming soon.

Can I sleep in my car?

You may sleep in your car, around your car, next to your car, on the floor by your car, in a tent next to your car. Whatever you like, as long as you stay within your camp’s footprint and stay safely away from emergency lanes.

Where do I park my car?

- Self camp will have their cars parked with them next to their tent/campground. - Boutique camping will park their cars in a designated parking location on the FSTVL grounds. - Hotel guests will park their cars in a designated parking location on the FSTVL grounds.

Is there a lost & found?

Yes, please see FSTVL staff if you have found someone’s belongings, or need to check the lost & found.

Is there free water?

Yes, there will be water stations throughout the venue. Refer to the FSTVL map to familiarize yourself with the locations.

Can I bring a pet?

We love your furry friends, but for their safety, we can’t allow them on the FSTVL grounds.

Can I bring outside food and drinks?

Yes. You may bring your own food and drinks, cook your own food, etc. Please be responsible as you are camping in dry areas that can easily catch on fire. Don't trash the campgrounds, you are living in it at the end of the day. Be mindful of your plastic use. BRING YOUR OWN REFILLABLE CONTAINERS!!!

Who should I contact for general festival and event questions?

Feel free to send us an email to INFO@SBCLTRLA.COM

Who should I contact in case of an emergency?

Find the nearest FSTVL staff member, security, or EMT personnel. Refer to the map on the Lineup tab (coming soon) to familiarize yourself with the EMT booth location.

Are there ins and outs?

This is strictly a 2-day event, there will be no ins and outs. If you have an emergency and need to leave we can organize it on a case by case basis. If you are taking a shuttle, be sure to grab everything you will need from your car. There will be no going back to your car until the FSTVL is over.

Do you accept credit cards for on-site purchases?

Yes. All forms of payment will be accepted.

Can I bring my kids to SBCLTR FSTVL?

SBCLTR FSTVL is strictly a 21+ gathering

How can I get involved at SBCLTR FSTVL?

Please email us at

If you are allowed to book a hotel nearby outside of the fstvl grounds?

The answer is no and here is why: 1) To receive the full fstvl experience. 2) We are working hard to create the type of experience that requires attendees to stay on the fstvl grounds - by spending an extended period of time together is when the magic gets harnessed, the connections are made, and ultimately what makes a festival great. 3) We have chosen this location because it has everything we need for those few days. Explore the grounds we have created for you and appreciate the surrounding nature of the valley.

Ticketing FAQ

When will I get my wristband?

You will receive your wristband when you arrive at the FSTVL location. More info about the check in process forthcoming.

Can I give my wristband to my friend?

Yes, please contact to discuss switching your ticket to a friend.

I bought a ticket but can’t go anymore, what should I do?

Please contact to discuss your particular case.

How do I transfer my ticket to my friends name?

Dice can help you transfer the ticket to a different name. Contact them at

Where can I check on my order?

Your order can be easily pulled up via the DICE app.

Camping FAQ

Is Self Camping available?

Yes, the purchase of your ticket covers your right to self camp.

Do I have to sleep in a tent?

No. You may sleep in your car, around your car, on the ground if you really want. As long as you stay within your allotted space, and are safe you can sleep where you like.

Do I have to buy a self camp pass?

No. Your FSTVL ticket covers your right to self camp. Whether you choose to use a tent, sleep on the ground or in your car is up to you.

Can I cook my own food?

Yes. You may cook your own food. We ask that you be mindful of your trash, pack it in, pack it out. You can't dump your trash in the on site trash cans prior to leaving. Treat it like you would at the burn please. Pay attention to the amount of plastic you are using, please.

Will there be a place to leave items that I don’t want to leave in my tent/car?

SBCLTR FSVTL is not responsible for lost items. Please leave your valuables at home. Pack light!!

Can I make a fire?

No, there will be a designated communal fire pit(s) on the FSTVL grounds.

Are RVs Allowed?

RV details forthcoming.

Venue & Hotel FAQ


Security Disclaimer

Security Policy

All persons, items and vehicles are subject to search upon entry by security and law enforcement. Security personnel reserve the right to prohibit items seen as harmful, dangerous or not in the best interest of the festival and it’s patrons.


Who do I check in with when I arrive?

Glamping Village check-ins will be handled the same as hotel guests - via the front door of the hotel. Specific routings for respective guests will be updated at a later time.

How big is my tent?

5 Meter Stout Bell Tent

Can I cook food in the glamping village?

You may not cook your own food in the glamping village, there will be no open flames, no stoves, absolutely no cooking allowed in the glamping area.

What does my tent have inside it?

Your tent comes with a real bed, with plush sheets and pillows. You have the option between a queen-sized mattress or two singles. The tent also comes equipped with a nice big rug covering the entire ground, a crate for a table, & 2 lanterns for light.

Does it come with ac and/or power?

AC & POWER will be available if you choose to book that ticket type.